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2014 Report

The County Partnership continues to grow and has recently exceeded all targets set by England Golf at the last review at the beginning of October.

Our efforts and direct engagement with clubs saw in excess of 1000 participants aged 26 plus access the sport through CGP engagement.

239 of which are now active in structured coaching, 166 participants are now participating regularly (once a week) and 69 members were garnered from the CGP projects delivered by golf facilities across both Counties.

The CGP has now established 9 “Get into Golf Centres” with participating clubs committed to driving more people into golf and securing more memberships for our facilities.

The Counties have recently established 5 Golf Able Centres which are recognised to be specialised in delivering golf to disabled participants, coaches have been trained by the PGA to support inclusive coaching, giving them the contacts, skills and confidence to deliver golf activity to disabled groups.

To this end 221 disabled participants of all ages had the opportunity to experience the many benefits of golf with 68 of these now active in once a week participation.

We have currently 23 facilities GolfMark accredited allowing clubs to access additional funding and support  to help with junior and adult coaching, GolfMark is due to be revised next year to give the clubs a more business orientated support mechanism, providing a platform to help our facilities better recruit and retain members. We are also very pleased to announce our first RangeMark accredited facility at Shrewsbury Driving Range.

The County Academy programme (CAP) is now delivering a structured elite coaching model to run parallel and support the County Union and Association, 43 children aged 14 and over (33 boys & 10 girls)are currently engaged in this training opportunity and this year the participants have seen a average handicap improvement of 2.5 shots.

We have submitted an application to England Golf to receive further funding to deliver coaching to children under the age of 14, this programme will help to identify talent, feed the County Academy Programme and strengthen our County selection process.

Our County Academy Coaches meet every two months to receive further education and to feed back good practice.

Over 30 girls are involved in training and we have placed a strong emphasis on recruiting more girls and women into golf over the next year.

We will continue with delivering the outcomes of our operational plan using the Get into Golf model, placing a continued focus on the recruitment and conversion of recreational golfers back into Club membership. Our efforts will also concentrate on improving the schools coaching network to help bolster junior activity at facilities, and as mentioned a strong focus will be applied to encouraging more women and girls into the sport.

Innovative projects such as work with local military bases and local car dealerships will help widen the net in recruiting and signposting more potential golfers’ to our facilities.

England Golf National Golf Month is scheduled for May 2014 and this excellent resource will enable facilities to log events and initiatives throughout this month on the "Get into Golf" website. this years campaign is supported by Bauer Media which should generate significant media exposure for our events.

The Partnership is always looking for volunteers to help in growing the game in our Counties and if you would like to give something back to the sport please contact us.


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