CGP County Academy Programme

2014/15 Academy update:

All 2014/2015 Dates/Times/Coaches and Venues can be located in the Download Library under CAP Dates 2014.

County Academy Programme Shropshire & Herefordshire

National Outline 2013-2017

 Executive Summary

 The County Academy Programme 2013-2017 will act as a bridging programme for golf participants moving from a participant focus into a talent focus aged 14 to 18* ‘to be the best they can be’ and to increase their success, enjoyment of and participation in the game.

This programme will follow on from the existing County Academy Programme set up in 2008 which was allocated £1.3 million pounds to deliver coaching to 6’800 participants. In the past two years over 3300 participants a year have received CAP training. Participants from the programme have gained access to county squads, AASE squads and regional coaching, thereby engaging with the England Golf talent pathway and 63% have increased their participation in golf.

Between 2013 and 2017, 9000 young participants will have an opportunity to develop along the England Golf talent pathway, actively participate in school golf clubs, supported by a fully educated and engaged golf coaching workforce.


Regional Development Managers will be at the heart of the development planning process and will support the capacity of the partnership on both local and national level to deliver these County Academy Programme priorities:

  1. To identify, nurture and guide more players with potential  towards or along the England Golf talent pathway
  2. To contribute to sustained regular participation in sport by 14-18 year olds , a key transition point for young golfers, through the quality of the coaching experience and by encouraging once a week participation
  3. To develop the coaching workforce to meet the needs of the young participants, including female, disability and minority playing populations







To identify, nurture and guide more players with potential  towards or along the England Golf talent pathway





CAP selection processes


High quality coaching workforce and coaching hours


Coaching resources



Structured coaching and competition programme at county level


Coaching ratio of 1:4


Minimum number of sessions per year

By 2017


  • 50% of regional and county squads to be made up of players exiting from CAP






An England Golf talent pathway with clear entry and exit routes, and supported by golf participation initiatives





Track participants through the Central Database for Handicaps –KPIs for specific handicap categories  

Player pathway research



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