Could your Driving Range Benefit from a Coaching Grant of £300.00 per year for three years?

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The role of driving ranges is fundamental to golf development in England and clearly they are the starting point for the majority of newcomers to this great game, providing a variety of coaching and practice opportunities.

RangeMark has been created to recognise those stand-alone ranges that are at the forefront of developing the game and this initiative has been developed and refined ‘by golf ranges for golf ranges’. By registering for the RangeMark initiative, ranges will gain access to the following benefits:

•Enhancing your business opportunities through England Golf Central.
•Promotion of your range through the England Golf.
•Access to coaching grants once accredited.
•Access to the Skills activities and resources.
•Recognition within the local community.
•Opportunity to create links with local clubs.
•Ongoing support from a network of Regional Development Officers.

Following consultation with stand-alone ranges, the England Golf are now giving driving ranges the opportunity to register for RangeMark. The registration package is as follows:

Register for £300 (every 3 years) to receive a complete package, including accreditation process, Golf Central listing, dedicated Officer support, plus a variety of other resources.

Please view Download Library for application procedures

If you require any further information regarding RangeMark or asssistance in your application please don't hesitate to contact me.

Mark Taylor

County Development Officer

PGA Advanced Golf Professional


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